What is a good score that can make you eligible to clear ASVAB test of Navy and Air force?

ASAB is the entrance test that is given by the candidates to make their entry in the army. There are several tests conducted for different types of militants, such as navy military, Air force, and coast guard. It is considered one of the most stringent tests, which may provide you higher rank if you can clear the test. For the complete knowledge, you can search on the internet by typing how to pass the ASVAB test, and you will get the full assistance to clear the test.

·         Merchant navy

If you are planning to prepare for making the ASVAB test for the post of the merchant navy, you should have view the eligibility criteria to participate in this test. You must have a minimum score of 31 in the AFQT test. Moreover, if you have given the GED test, you must have scored at least 50. The age requirement for the examination of a navy is 19 years; there are different criteria for the women if they want to enroll themselves in this test. They have a minimum score of 50 to participate in this exam.

·             Air force

 If your dream is to serve the nation by getting …